Finding yourself

Finding yourself

“Most adolescents are under the common perception that what has to be done is already being done. They feel they have no more shoes to fill. Even if they do find a cause, it seems almost unattainable due to the constant pressure and competition from the society. What would you do if you had kids? What would you tell them?”
I would probably give my kid an identity crisis from birth and name him Kanye. Perhaps make troubles for his future girlfriend and her parents.

“  “Kaun ye?”
“Wohi toh mein ne poocha.”
“Wohi to mein ne jaana.”
Like, listen now, stop being a little shit and tell me who he is. 

“What if it’s a girl, what then?”
Maybe I would do what that singer’s parents did and name her after an MS Word font. What’s her name again? .. OH YEAH. Arianna Grande.

“Hmm. Really?”

Or I could give my daughter an identity crisis too. Name her Deepika.

Deepika Padukon

You know, if they had something to search for, only then would they embark on a spiritual adventure. This would not only enable them to find their path, but also rediscover themselves.

“Now you’re just quoting ISCON.”

Five morning things

Five morning things


1) No matter how early you wake up, you’re never on time. 

Wake up at 6, you’re 10 minutes late. Wake up at 6:30 and you’re still 10 minutes late.


2) You keep multiple alarms to wake up early to finish some work, and you snooze all of them and continue sleeping.

Why keep the alarms in the first place? Because



3) Therefore, you have to tell someone to make sure you’re awake just in case.


“Just make sure I’m up, okay?”

4) How you feel when someone wakes you up unnecessarily.


5) When you begin to recollect your weird ass dream